Our journey to becoming quality English Springer Spaniel breeders began with a successful career breeding and showing Morgan horses and later, Standardbred race horses. All that we knew to be crucial with horses easily transitions to breeding strong and healthy puppies.

In line with that, we purchased Time After Time Darrem Canis, from the Czech Republic. The champion outcross line will bring vitality to out breeding program and to yours. Outcrossing to a good family can infuse your pups with hybrid vigor eliminating or preventing problems like infertility, difficulty in whelping, small litters, higher puppy mortality and puppies that do not thrive. 

Our clientele appreciates our open and honest dialogue. The emphasis for us is always quality; not volume. Our puppies are known for their beauty, conformation and temperament. We only breed a few litters a year, so our pups get lots of individual attention from whelping to joining their new families. They are wonderful additions to family homes, especially when children are present.

Selling a puppy is not the end of the transaction. We make ourselves available to answer any questions that may arise and look forward to sharing in the joy of the new English Springer Spaniel owners.